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Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres
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Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres and Earl Young study maps in Nicaragua
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Office Staff - Honduras
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Group Photo - Nicaragua



Earl Young has served in the role of Advisor, Corporate Officer and Director to companies in the United States and abroad. As President and CEO of Madagascar World Voice (MWV), he is presently assisting World Christian Broadcasting (WCB) with the founding of a shortwave radio station in Mahajunga, Madagascar. MWV when combined with WCB, which has been broadcasting into the former USSR, China and the Pacific Rim for the past 21 years, will broadcast a message of Hope and Freedom to over 2,000,000,000 shortwave listeners throughout the World.

As a representative of J-R.Boulle Companies, Mr. Young serves as a Director of Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), a Washington D.C. based organization, with a corporate membership that represents over 80% of all U.S. private sector investment in Africa. CCA is dedicated to enhancing trade and investment between the United States and the 54 nations of Africa. Additionally, he serves as a member of the CCA HIV/AIDS Task Force.

Mr. Young is a member of the American Studies Institute Advisory Board of Harding University and President of the U.S. Madagascar Business Council.

He serves on the Board of Directors of Diamond Fields International Ltd., an international diamond mining company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with exploration offices in Liberia and Namibia, and is a Director of Madagascar Resources an Australian based heavy mineral mining company.

Mr. Young is a Director of Aurora Oil and Gas, an American Stock Exchange (AOG) natural gas producer based in Michigan and is an Advisory Director to Mayfair Mining and Minerals, Inc. a U.S. public company with producing amethyst and sapphire properties in Zambia and Madagascar.

A world class athlete at the age of 19, Mr. Young was a member of the 1960 United States Olympic Track and Field Team winning a Gold Medal in the 1600 meter relay while setting a new World and Olympic record. Mr. Young represented the United States on the 1963 Pan American Team and numerous international teams establishing 4 World Records and 4 American Records. He is an All- American in Track and Field and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in June of 1961. Mr. Young has served as President of the Southwest Chapter of Olympians and as a Board Member of the U.S. Olympic Alumni Association and is the founding Chairman of the Olympians for Olympians Relief Fund.

Mr. Young attended Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. His undergraduate studies were in Business, History and Religion with graduate studies in Business Management. Born in California he was designated as an Honorary Citizen of Texas in 1960 by Governor Price Daniel and lives with his family in Dallas, Texas.