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Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres
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Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres and Earl Young study maps in Nicaragua
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Office Staff - Honduras
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Harold L. Witcher

921 South Warden Road
Atoka, Oklahoma, 74525, U.S.A.


BORN: January 14th, 1929 at Rocky, Oklahoma. As a young man Harold worked on local ranches to earn money and gain experience. Harold was active in school sponsored sports and excelled at Basketball and baseball. Harold also became very active in the Future Farmers of America (FFA), and participated in agricultural youth programs.

1945-47: Harold served in the 1st Cavalry Division in the United States Army. Harold served his country in the Philippines and Japan. During his military service Harold sustained eye injuries from an explosion and was Honorably Discharged from military service due to his injuries.

1947-49: Harold began his long career in the oil industry by working on oil drilling rigs while also attending college. During these years Harold gained first hand practical knowledge of drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. This would influence his decision to study geology through his college years.

1949-51: With the experience gained by working on drilling rigs, Harold purchased a cable tool drilling rig and put his geological knowledge to work by drilling his own shallow oil prospects. Also during this time Harold was able to acquire a rotary drilling rig and began drilling with mud rotary equipment. Harold founded and expanded Fault-Line oil Co., and Bed Rock Oil Co. This was accomplished while still attending college as a full time student.

1951-55: Harold graduated college with a degree in law, and decided to specialize in oil and gas law. Both Bed Rock Oil Co. and Fault-Line Oil Co., and their 80 producing oil wells were successfully sold to allow for a long career in oil and gas law. During this period, Harold, at only 20 years of age, earned the distinction of being the youngest person ever elected to the Oklahoma Legislature. During Harold’s time in the Legislature he is credited as co-author of Oklahoma’s landmark “Force Pooling Law”. This law was tested and upheld twice by the United States Supreme Court, and has proven essential to oil and gas development in Oklahoma. Since Oklahoma’s passage of the Force Pooling Law, other States have adopted the Oklahoma law. After two terms, Harold decided not to seek another term. In gratitude for his service, the Oklahoma House and Senate passed a resolution commending his outstanding work in the Legislature.

1955-72: Harold maintained an oil and gas law practice while acting as a special consultant to large oil and gas firms in negotiating foreign permits for concession, refineries, oil and gas production facilities, and related government oil matters. As special consultant for large oil companies, Harold traveled throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and the Pacific Rim, and has accumulated vast expertise in international oil and gas negotiations.

1972-Present: Harold began the pursuit of oil and gas in the Nation of Nicaragua. While in the early years of this effort, earthquakes, and revolution prevented continuous pursuit of this goal, Harold waited until the end of the turmoil in Nicaragua to return in 1990 to begin where he left off in 1972. Harold became a fixture in the developing Hydrocarbon Department of Nicaragua, supplying help and expertise to the development of a National Hydrocarbon Law, which is necessary to allow foreign investment in Nicaraguan oil exploration. In 2002, the Nicaraguan Hydrocarbon law was passed, and Harold and his backers formed “Industria Oklahoma/Nicaragua S.A.”, a Nicaraguan Corporation that in 2004, was awarded the 1st concession in the 1st round of bidding ever in the Nation of Nicaragua. Harold’s 36 year persistence has earned him the admiration of the entire oil industry, which Harold has dedicated his life to advancing, and resulted in the discovery of the 1st two oil fields ever in Nicaragua. Harold also served 16 years with distinction as Municipal Judge in southeast Oklahoma where he resides on a working ranch with his wife Martha of 44 years. Harold is still active in foreign oil and gas matters and exploration.