Blacky Pryor Photo
Pryor in Honduras in 2008

Blacky Pryor Photo
Pryor and Vice-President of Honduras Congress in 2008

Blacky Pryor Photo
Pryor in Oklahoma in 1989

Welcome to Black Star 231

Jim "Blacky" Pryor
President of Black Star 231 Corp.

Black Star 231 Corp. is different from other independent oil & gas companies. We have attempted in these pages to demonstrate what sets Black Star 231 apart from other small independent oil companies. We have designed this website to limit unnecessary text and to tell our story through photographs, videos and interesting stories. Black Star 231 embraces an exploration strategy that has been used to build oil companies reserves for 100 years.

At the helm of Black Star 231 Corp. is Jim (Blacky) Pryor, a 30 year veteran of oil and gas exploration and production. Jim Pryor is also experienced in secondary recovery techniques, which are essential in realizing maximum ultimate oil and gas recovery from every well.

Jim Pryor, as an independent oilman, has gone into foreign countries where oil and gas wells have never existed to assemble geologic and remote sensing data that has lead to the identification of very prospective areas, now targeted for first time drilling for oil and gas. Under the “People of Black Star” tab, you can discover the world class advisory board Jim Pryor has assembled to help guide Black Star into the 21st century’s foreign and U.S. domestic exploration challenges. After over a quarter of a century in the “School of Hard Knocks”, Jim Pryor, known in the oil patch as “Blacky”, has learned most every aspect of the oil & gas business. You may find him at a well-site supervising operations, or meeting with the President of a foreign nation, or anywhere in between. Blacky’s thirty years of acquired knowledge and experience with oil & gas reservoirs, geology, drilling and completion engineering, production and enhancement methodologies, and oilfield practices which, combined with a passion for the subject, makes him the person others come to for advice about their drilling programs. Blacky’s bio is included under the “People of Black Star” tab along with Black Star’s elite class of world renowned oil industry professionals

Beginning in the summer of 2008, Black Star 231 began devoting significant resources to identifying new prospects for drilling programs in the mid-continent U.S. The drilling phase of these prospects is being launched now. Detailed mapping and geophysical projects were concentrated on areas where the company has experience, and where the company maintains a proprietary database. This strategy has yielded prospects across Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, from the shallowest areas in the far eastern part of the Kansas, to deeper areas of the midcontinent. Prospects now completed or near completion target reserves of 300,000 to 3,000,000 barrels of oil per prospect. Shallow wells, between 1,500 and 6,000 feet of depth with the potential of discovering fields with producible oil reserves in this range present a very favorable risk/reward scenario. Increasing demand from highly populated areas of the world is creating the “perfect storm”, for the price of oil. This in turn will present unprecedented profits from oil production for as far into the future as we can see. (See the Posts on our Blog)