Pryor Witcher Squyres Photo
Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres
Pryor Witcher Squyres Young Photo
Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres and Earl Young study maps in Nicaragua
Honduras Office Staff
Office Staff - Honduras
Nicaragua Group Photo
Group Photo - Nicaragua

Jeff Pryor

Field Engineer & Operations Manager

Jim and Jeff Pryor at Black Star 231 Corp. office.

The most gratifying moment in my years in the oil business came the day in July 2008 when my son Jeff joined the company as field engineering/operations manager. Jeff began helping with field operations while in grade school. Being naturally talented in mechanical and engineering concepts, Jeff understood even at a young age why and how the oilfield equipment worked. By the time Jeff was in high school, his ability to identify and correct problems with the mechanical equipment was superior to our experienced field personnel. The addition of Jeff to our technical staff adds value to the producing assets of the investors, and the company through his lease/well engineering and design capabilities, and his programs to monitor each wells maintenance, and efficiency for maximize oil production from every well, everyday.
— Jim Pryor, Proud Father

Jeff Pryor Photo Album

Lease Photo
1983: Jeff at the Sinclair # 1, helping his dad at age 10.
Lease Photo
Jeff at the Olson #1, in charge of hydro-frac stimulation at age 35.
Lease Photo
2008: Jeff on the frac platform supervising hydro-frac stimulation for the Olson #1 well, Anderson County, Kansas.
Lease Photo
Jeff and Joe working on a pump jack in the shop.
Lease Photo
Jeff Pryor at Black Star 231 office.
Lease Photo
Jeff and his father check a map at the Black Star 231 office.