Pryor Witcher Squyres Photo
Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres
Pryor Witcher Squyres Young Photo
Jim Pryor, Harold Witcher, Coy Squyres and Earl Young study maps in Nicaragua
Honduras Office Staff
Office Staff - Honduras
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Group Photo - Nicaragua

About Black Star 231 Corp.

rig image

Looking Up the Rig - Drilling in the Flint Hills of Kansas

Black Star 231 Corp. has been licensed by the State of Kansas since 1995 to drill and operate oil and gas wells. The company is wholly owned by Jim Pryor, who has been active in the oil and gas industry since 1984. During his first dozen years in the industry, Pryor devoted most of his time and efforts to developing leases in Kansas through Pryor Oil Co., Inc., which he also owned. In the 1990's, Pryor Oil focused its attention on developing new fields in Tennessee. In 2001, Black Star renewed exploration for new fields in Kansas.

Besides more than two decades of experience brought to the table by Jim Pryor, Black Star 231 also benefits from the geological skills of David Griffin, with nearly thirty years of experience in Kansas oil field development. In addition to the expertise of Pryor and and Griffin, the company relies on experienced drillers and other contractors in all its drilling programs. For legal matters such as title examination, preparation of leases and other legal documents, and other legal matters the company turns to John Chappell, an attorney with more than thirty years of practice in oil and gas law.

rig image

A Black Star well - Winter in the Flint Hills of Kansas

The combination of talent and experience gives Black Star 231 a leg up in the pursuit of "black gold". However, Black Star 231 has gone even further to improve the odds of success, by investing in extensive seismic surveys with three-dimensional mapping to locate prime prospects overlooked in the past. Black Star 231 is convinced that millions of barrels of Kansas oil remain untapped, and has its vision focused on finding that oil, producing it and bringing it to market.

well image

A Black Star well at sunset in the Flint Hills of Kansas